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At Wolter Advanced Dental Care, we provide high quality, comprehensive dentistry using the latest technology and materials available to ensure the best treatment possible for our patients.  Our staff is committed to patient care and comfort, and is dedicated to creating an environment that is welcoming, family friendly, and stress-free.

Dr. Michael Wolter, DDS ensures that all patients are given multiple treatment options in order to accommodate various personal needs.  We make it a priority to create a comfortable doctor-patient relationship so that patients leave the office feeling confident and satisfied with their dental care.  Call today for a tour of the new state-of-the-art facility!


No Insurance?  No problem!

We are always accepting new patients at Wolter Advanced Dental Care.  The last thing we want is for you to choose a dental provider based on insurance, or to miss an appointment for your dental care simply because of a lack of insurance.  In addition to Care Credit, we have payment plan options and accept all major forms of payment for care.  Also, in an effort to make sure all patients get the same quality care regardless of insurance, we have opened a Kleer Membership Plan. Depending on the plan you choose, you can receive all the benefits of insurance without the hassle of paperwork and in- or out-of-network preferences.  We’re here for you, always.

Dentist Chambersburg PA
Dentist Chambersburg PA

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Routine Exams and Hygiene


Your first visit to the dentist will involve a comprehensive exam with the doctor to develop a customized treatment plan to fit your individual needs.  Maintaining the health of the teeth and gum tissue is of the utmost importance in preventing gum disease as well as other unwanted dental pain or procedures.   Exams are recommended at least every 6 months to ensure adequate health of both the teeth and gums.  These services can generally be provided with a routine cleaning visit with one of our hygienists. 

Cosmetic Dentistry


For those considering changing their smile or updating some fillings to create a more aesthetic appearance, Wolter Advanced Dental Care can provide patients with something as simple as replacing an unsightly filling or something as complex as a smile makeover.  With digital planning, we can see the results before the treatment is even started!  Ask our friendly team about options for enhancing your smile.

Dental Fillings


A cavity, or tooth decay, is a disease that if left untreated, can spread to the nerve of the tooth and cause pain and potential tooth loss.  It is important to have a cavity treated immediately with a filling, or restoration.  At Wolter Advanced Dental Care, we use the latest in restorative materials that are both durable and aesthetic. 

Single Visit Crowns


At Wolter Advanced Dental Care, we utilize CEREC digital scanning instead of the traditional, gooey impression for many procedures including crowns.  This allows us to actually make a crown onsite so that patients do not need to worry about a temporary crown or 2nd visit.  This technology can also be used in conjunction with CBCT to digitally plan implant restorations!

Emergency Dentistry


A toothache is an emergency and needs to be treated as soon as possible.  An infected tooth with or without swelling is also an emergency and can lead to serious health complications if left untreated.  We provide emergency services such as root canals and extractions in a timely manner.  Patients should call us immediately with any dental emergency.

Teeth Whitening


We offer several options for whitening including custom whitening trays and Opalescence Go take home kits.  Everyone is unique, and each person requires a different approach to whitening.  Let our knowledgeable team inform you on the different options for teeth whitening.

Digital X-rays and CT Technology


  We utilize cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) which is like a 3D x-ray of your jaw and the surrounding areas.  This technology allows us to visualize pathology that may not be visible on a traditional 2D x-ray.  This technology also aids us in the planning and placement of implants and restorations.



Sometimes a tooth needs to be removed when it is broken beyond repair or is causing pain.  At Wolter Advanced Dental Care, we can extract many of these teeth and even prepare the area for a future implant with bone grafting.  Bone grafting allows the extraction site to heal with maximum bone growth to allow for an ideal space for implant placement.

Root Canal Therapy

When the nerve of a tooth becomes inflamed or dies, the nerve sometimes needs to be removed.  The nerve canal is cleaned and disinfected and sealed with a material called gutta percha.  We take infection control seriously, and provide treatment utilizing a rubber dam which keeps  the field as clean as possible which leads to a better long term success rate for root canals.



When a tooth is missing, it can make eating, speaking, and even smiling difficult.  A dental implant can replace missing teeth without having to involve the surrounding teeth.  With CBCT technology, Wolter Advanced Dental Care can plan and place your implant to incredible accuracy ensuring that the implant will have the best long term survival.  Digital scanning allows us to restore the implant efficiently as well.

Pediatric Dentistry


Families are very important at Wolter Advanced Dental Care, which is why we treat patients of all ages, including children.  In our experience, kids respond more positively to a "no surprise" type of atmosphere.  We utilize the philosophy of tell, show, do, so that children are aware of what is happening.  The goal is to give kids the most positive experience at the dentist possible to help foster a lifelong positive dental experience.  Balloon animals are often created for good listeners!

Oral Cancer Screening


Over 53,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year.  Considering most people typically visit the dentist more often than a family doctor, we take oral cancer screening very seriously.  We make sure to examine all areas of the mouth and the surrounding tissue for pathology. Combined with CBCT, we can spot suspicious areas early and refer patients for treatment if needed.

Treatment for Snoring


If you or a loved one suffer from chronic snoring, there might be more to be concerned about than lack of sleep.  The trouble breathing caused by snoring can elevate blood pressure, increasing the risk of stroke in some patients.  After a screening process, Wolter Advanced Dental Care can prescribe a non-invasive alternative to surgery with the custom designed device called Silent Nite.  Its comfortable and custom fit helps open the airways and allow for a restful and peaceful sleep - for everyone!

Sleep Apnea


Symptoms such as restless sleep, feeling tired during the day, or snoring could be a result of an undiagnosed sleep disorder.  At Wolter Advanced Dental Care, we screen all of our patients for breathing disorders and can prescribe at home sleep tests to diagnose a real issue.  Patients can rest easy knowing we are on the case!



A confident smile can make for a confident you.  SureSmile, the clear orthodontic treatment for all ages, fits comfortably and easily into your lifestyle, without the discomfort of brackets.  At Wolter Advanced Dental Care, SureSmile is designed with the use of a digital scan, and made for you with precision to ensure it fits perfectly, so you can get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Laser Dentistry


At Wolter Advanced Dental Care, we make your comfort and care our priority.  We know that some people fear dental procedures, and we want to change that with the help of advanced technology.  Our Gemini Laser technology is designed with patients in mind.  This high-powered laser ensures less pain during procedures, a decrease in bleeding, and faster healing for patients after a procedure, so you can rest easy before and after your appointment.

Dentist Chambersburg PA
Dentist Chambersburg PA


Dentist Chambersburg PA
Dr. Michael D. Wolter

Owner, DDS

As a dental professional, my first priority is providing quality care to my patients.  My profession allows me the opportunity to use my skills to help improve dental function and treat dental disease, thereby improving the quality of life of my patients.  I love what I do because I am able to develop positive relationships with people I have come to know and care about, and improve their dental health and overall well-being.  I learn a lot from my patients, which helps to better me as an individual and as a dentist.

I am particularly fulfilled when I am able to help someone smile with confidence and ease; someone who hasn’t been able to do so before. Whether they haven’t had access to gentle, effective dental care, or have dental-related anxiety, when I am able to assist them move into a new phase of their life, I feel rewarded. One of the services I feel most strongly about is being able to relieve a patient’s pain. Dental issues can cause horrible pain and discomfort, and when I am able to alleviate that, and the person can breathe freely again, going about their regular daily routine without that distraction, I know I’ve done well.

Education and Continuing Education

  • Bachelor of Science, chemistry, Roanoke College

  • Doctorate of Dental Surgery, Virginia Commonwealth University

I am always open to continuing education opportunities, wherever and whenever they arise. Dentistry and the oral healthcare field change on an almost daily basis, and I am excited to offer my patients the opportunity to experience the most up-to-date technologies and treatment techniques available. They deserve nothing less than the best, so I stay on the leading edge of dental knowledge through participation in conferences, lectures, seminars, and other offerings.


Professional Affiliations

  • American Dental Association

  • Pennsylvania Dental Association

  • Cumberland Valley Dental Society


Personal Life

I am a native of Roanoke, VA and moved to Greencastle, PA in 2009 to start my career in dentistry.  I have grown to love the area and the community, often attending sports events and many of the other activities this beautiful area has to offer with my wife, Anne, and two children, Bradley and Charlotte.  Anne is a middle school English teacher, and we started our family in 2010 with our son, Bradley and extended our family once more with our daughter, Charlotte.  My favorite times are those spent with my family, but I also enjoy playing the piano or a good volleyball game, taking on home improvement projects, and following the Miami Dolphins.

As a dentist, I feel compelled to share my knowledge and skills with our community, help those less fortunate, and educate community members about dental health.    



"Dr. Michael Wolter has patience and is sensitive to the needs of his patients. He is excellent with children as well as adults and has a very caring staff and a delightful personality. If you are in need of a dentist in the area, give him an opportunity to provide professional dental care."     - Bonnie G.  

"Dr. Wolter completed my crown, it was painless and looks amazing. I am very grateful for the work he completed. I recommend his services to anyone who wants a trusted dentist."     - Alexis A.

"Dr. Wolter has been wonderful to work with in getting my teeth to a healthy place and looking great as well!     -  Joe T.



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