Information on the COVID-19 outbreak and our practice



It has been a while since we posted an update to our page concerning COVID-19!  Now that schools are back in session and cases in the area are climbing, we ask that you please wear a mask whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated.  Our staff will be wearing masks all throughout the day, and we kindly ask that you wear masks in the common areas of the practice.  Once you are in the operatory, you may remove your mask.  Thank you for your understanding.  We appreciate you working with us to help control the spread of this virus as much as we can in our community!

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The Department of Health has given us the clearance to resume normal operations including routine hygiene visits.  Some procedures are still limited, but the majority of services can be completed.  We take your safety and the safety of the staff seriously, and we are keeping up with the recommendations and guidelines set forth from the CDC, ADA, PDA and DOH.  Stay tuned for more updates!


Starting June 2, we will be resuming normal hours.  During this time, we will be contacting anyone who needs urgent care and also patients that need non-urgent care.  Hygiene operations will still be on hold due to restrictions set forth from the DOH.  Any patients with concerns about any treatment should call our office for more information.  We appreciate your patience during this time and are here to help!!


We are gearing up to extend our range of services and hours very soon!  We are able to start non-urgent procedures and are working right now to ensure that our practice is equipped and ready to serve our patients.  If you have any questions, an emergency, or a non-urgent concern, please call us so that we can get you in the schedule as soon as possible.  We are eager to start seeing our patients on a more regular basis!


We are still operating on modified hours for urgent and emergency care only.  We are awaiting guidance from the governor and DOH as to when we can resume non-urgent and routine care.  We will keep you posted as soon as information becomes available.  We are still here for you, so please call 717-496-0111 if you need anything!  Stay safe!


Governor Wolf has called for everyone to stay at home until the end of April due to the pandemic.  This does not include going to the doctor though, so you are still permitted to see a dentist for an emergency.


The PA Department of Health has revised their restrictions and we are able to see emergencies once again.  If you are experiencing an emergency, please call the office so that we can get you scheduled and treated.  Thank you for your patience during this ordeal!


The PA Department of Health is ordering all dental facilities to close even for emergencies. The PA Dental Association is working on a solution to this matter as we speak. We will keep you posted, but know we are still available by phone.


Due to the declaration from the governor and the concern for safety, we have closed temporarily to keep our team, patients, and community safe. If you have an emergency, please call the office and follow the prompts to leave a message for the on-call staff. (717) 496-9011. We are permitted to see emergency patients, and we can open the office on an individual basis. So if you are having an emergency, please call us and we will do everything in our power to help you. Thank you for your patience through this time! We will get through this together!!


At Wolter Advanced Dental Care, we strive to provide the safest environment for our patients and team.  We are constantly monitoring the current outbreak of COVID-19 and are keeping up to date with the latest recommendations from the CDC, ADA, PDA, as well as local, state and federal governments.  We want to keep our patients updated on how we are helping to keep our practice safe.

Since we are a medical facility, we practice and maintain the strictest infection control guidelines.  This includes regularly sterilizing our instruments in a steam autoclave and disinfecting non-critical surfaces with a surface disinfectant approved for use in a medical facility.  The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is used by all clinical team members which includes masks, gloves, eye protection, and protective gowns when needed.  Masks and gloves are always disposed of between patients.  We also utilize touch free sinks and soap dispensers to minimize possible contamination of surfaces by touch.

In our sterilization center, we utilize many touch free features to minimize cross contamination risks.  Used instruments are kept in a closed cabinet that is solely used for unclean instruments.  An ultrasonic device with an enzymatic solution is used to remove physical debris from instruments before sterilization.  The instruments are then thoroughly dried before being wrapped for sterilization.  After drying, the instruments are then wrapped and sterilized in our steam autoclave.  The autoclave is tested weekly to ensure that it is functioning properly and destroying all microorganisms.  Once sterilized, the wrapped instruments are held in a clean cabinet or distributed to the operatories in which they will be used.  The instruments are not unwrapped until the patient is seated.  This ensures the instruments remain sterile until use.

The entire Wolter Advanced Dental Care team practices proper hand washing and hand sanitizer use throughout the day.  We utilize a medical grade hand sanitizer when hand washing is not indicated.

The team routinely disinfects public surfaces and rooms throughout the day.

In light of the current outbreak, we are continuing to practice the same infection control procedures with some minor changes to help limit the spread of infection.  These changes include more frequent disinfection of the public areas, the removal of items that cannot be predictably disinfected (such as books from the children's area), and the screening of all patients that enter our office.  We will have available masks for anyone requesting them and have hand sanitizer readily available to all patients and team members.

We ask that if you are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, that you contact our office to reschedule your appointment.  These symptoms include:

  • Fever

  • Cough

  • Shortness of Breath

We ask that if you have been around anyone displaying these symptoms that you also reschedule.  We ask that you limit the amount of people that you bring into the office in order to limit the number of people in our reception area.  If you would prefer to wait in your vehicle until you appointment time, a team member will be more that happy to notify you when your room is ready.​  Please just let us know ahead of time so that we can prepare.

We will remain open to service our patients but will understand completely if you wish to reschedule your appointment to a later date.  We want to not only keep our patients and team members safe, but we also want to keep our community safe.  This is a constantly evolving issue that we will continue to monitor on a daily basis.  If you have any questions regarding this situation, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

As always, our goal at Wolter Advanced Dental Care is to provide the safest environment for our patients and team.  We take the health of our community very seriously and will do all that we can to protect everyone.  During this time, we need the help of everyone to continue to provide this safe environment.  We thank you for your cooperation and loyalty to Wolter Advanced Dental Care.

Stay positive and keep your smile bright! 😀 We will come out of this even stronger!!

-The team at Wolter Advanced Dental Care